Change Lamar Street in Dallas to Botham Jean Way

In honor of Botham Jean, who was murdered by an off duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, who entered the wrong apartment, we would like to see Lamar St. changed to Botham Jean Way. We feel this is important as we push for police reform as a sign that bad policing will not be tolerated. This is also significant due to Dallas Police Headquarters is located on Lamar Street, and coincidentally, the same street where he was murdered in his home by now-former police officer Amber Guyger. This change will serve as a reminder that Police misconduct and brutality will not go unpunished as well as a sign that the city of Dallas, Texas along with the Dallas Police Department is pushing forward to fix these issues that plague the community. Botham Jean’s life was filled with endless possibilities but was cut short at the hands of a Dallas Police Officer. Let this change serve as a movement towards unity and trust among the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas. Let us never forget the life and legacy of Botham Jean, a son, a brother, a friend, who will never be able to fulfill all of what he was destined to be. #NeverForget #BothamJean

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Burger King, Popeyes, & Tim Hortons: Stop Supporting Chicken Abuse!

Burger King defines corporate responsibility as “looking beyond a strong bottom line to consider the impact of everything [they] do.” But when it comes to animal welfare, Burger King prioritizes its bottom line over the millions of egg-laying hens suffering in its global supply chain. Burger King and its sister companies, Tim Hortons and Popeyes, refuse to end their support of farms that confine hens in tiny, filthy cages. These cages are so small and packed with birds that the hens can’t do anything that is natural or important to them. Often, their body parts are caught in the caging, which results in fractured or broken bones, deformities, and severe feather loss. Some hens, exhausted or unable to move, are trampled to death by their cage mates.  Hundreds of companies around the world are ditching cages. Global commitments to end cruel cages are being made by some of the largest companies in the world, including Unilever, Nestle, Aldi, InterContinental Hotels, Sodexo, Mondelez, Compass Group, Shake Shack, Famous Brands, Costa Coffee, and Barilla. Even US prisons are moving away from this horrible practice. Burger King, however, has failed to join this movement towards better treatment of animals globally. Burger King states: “We know our policies and procedures will evolve and change as the landscape in which we do business evolves and changes.” Burger King has fallen behind on animal welfare. The world is now looking to Burger King to meet basic animal welfare standards and to join the growing wave of companies that are abolishing some of the worst factory farm abuses. It’s time for Burger King and its parent company, Restaurant Brands International to make a change. Please sign this petition to encourage Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes to finally go cage-free globally.

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Tell Ben&Jerry's to feature Colin Kaepernick on their ice cream to promote racial justice.

Ben & Jerry's has been talking the social justice talk for 40 years however it has yet to walk the walk of racial justice as evidenced by who it chooses to feature on its pints of ice cream. As of this submission all but two of the featured flavors were white men (Garcia, Colbert, Fallon, Phish, et al.). The other two were white women. Send a message to Ben & Jerry's that Colin Kaepernick, our modern day Mohammed Ali, should grace a non-dairy flavored pint! What better way to show the rest of the world a corporate ethos fighting for racial justice.    

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Correct a harmful disability narrative

*Note: the image attached to this petition is a photo taken of the back of a General Mills Cheerios cereal box sold at Costco. Image description:  The school aged girl in the photo has brown hair and blue eyes and facial features typical of people with Down syndrome. She is wearing a blue shirt. Next to her photo is text that reads as follows: Give kids like Aubrey every chance to get better. Aubrey was born with Down syndrome without her parents expecting it and received care through numerous therapy treatments and continuous visits with specialists. With the help of this care, Aubrey functions extremely well, embodying positive energy and a love for the spotlight. Aubrey has taken on titles such as 2019 Miss Amazing Mississippi Jr teen, Oxford Mayor for the day and more.    General Mills and Children's Miracle Network, You are spreading a harmful narrative about disability and difference under the guise of helping children, and are perpetuating long-standing biases against people with Down syndrome. The blurb about Aubrey on your double box of Cheerios at Costco is unacceptable. "Give kids like Aubrey a chance to get better" heads a paragraph that states that she has Down syndrome. It does not indicate any acute illness or injury that would require healing or to "get better." Implying that Down syndrome alone is something from which a person needs to "get better" is a judgement and a cruel way to present a young girl to the world. Her very existence, her chromosomal makeup, is not something from which she needs to heal. Maybe she uses therapy services to meet her goals, or needs medical procedures to address injury/illness, but her diagnosis of Down syndrome is simply a fact. This is not a small error on your part. It is undoing decades of advocacy work by the disability community. Your choice of language further minimizes and insults people with Down syndrome. Your statement "With the help of this care, Aubrey functions extremely well," a) implies that Audrey is not a dynamic, many-faceted human being with inherent worth regardless of her "function"; b) suggests that "functioning well" is a result of medical intervention and minimizes her natural abilities and hard work; and c) puts her in an "other" category. Would you ever write such a thing about a child with typical cognitive ability?   Your intent is clearly to support children who require costly interventions and to help them live life to the fullest, including children with chromosomal differences like Aubrey.  Your mission and the work that you do are so important to this community.  Next time you write a blurb about a child who lives with extra layers of complexity, please consider the language you choose and how you are (or are not) propelling a narrative of equity and inclusion regarding disability and illness. You might even consider having someone from the disability community contribute to the effort. Use of othering, patronizing or infantilizing language to pull on heart strings for financial results is unacceptable. Find a new way. 

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Nurse ADDED to President-Elect Biden's COVID Task Force! We won!

The COVID Task Force announced by President-Elect Joe Biden is staffed by physicians and scientists, but does not include any nurses. Nurses are the largest group of health care employees in the U.S. and work the frontlines of COVID care in hospitals, residential facilities, and the community. Input from nurses is crucial to insure that the recommendations regarding COVID apply to all health care workers. Additionally, nurses are "the most trusted profession" and can work in communities in a public health capacity, even with Americans who at this time do not consider COVID a serious health threat. Nurses can be contact tracers, triage patients in their homes, and educate patients and their families about the best way to prevent the spread of COVID. This Task Force needs a nurse who understands the challenges of frontline care, because American patients deserve the best plan possible for getting COVID under control.

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Create more inclusive hairstyles for Animal Crossing (ACNH)!

Every person should feel represented when playing a game they love and making their avatar. Ethnic hair styles are often forgotten. In light of what is happening in America concerning black rights, it would be amazing to have gamers of all races represented on all gaming platforms. Let's start with Animal Crossing! Let's create an environment of inclusivity and acceptance in this already amazing game.

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Reverse American Airlines discriminatory policies against people with disabilities

I am outraged to hear that American Airlines has created a new policy banning people using power wheelchairs from flying. This is straight up discrimination. American Airlines, the largest airline in the United States, recently put in place a limit on the weight of a wheelchair (anything over 300lbs) and now many power wheelchairs are deemed too heavy to fly on smaller regional jets. Most power wheelchairs are customized to people's individual needs, to support health and ensure safety. From custom seating, to motorized functions, or ventilation equipment, this new ban means majority of power wheelchair users are prevented from flying unless they leave their wheelchair's behind. Estimates show that there are at least 250,000 to 300,000 people in the United States alone who use a complex power wheelchair that weighs over 300 pounds. "My wheelchair has been carried on this exact flight on this same aircraft at the same airline so many times. Nothing has changed. Not on the wheelchair's part. The aircraft hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is that the airline has made a decision to exclude me" said John Morris in a recent interview with NPR after he was denied access to a flight. Did you know that prior to COVID, roughly 30 wheelchairs were being damaged a day in the US? American Airlines has often had one of the worst rankings on those lists of airlines that damage or lose wheelchairs. In the most recent report from the Department of Transportation, for July, American mishandled 1.95% of the wheelchairs and scooters it carried, ranking 16th of 17 airlines. Like many, I have personally had my wheelchairs damaged or totaled. I have faced extreme discrimination, emotional trauma and physical harm. What the entire travel industry needs to do is redesign wheelchair handling and overall customer care for people with disabilities...not further isolate and discriminate paying customers. I am calling for an immediate reversal of this new discriminatory policy by American Airlines, and further, a complete and comprehensive review of how American Airlines addresses customers with disabilities in designing new policies moving forward. Please sign this petition! #CripAmericanAir to end ableism in travel. [image credit: John Morris,]

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Oppose Changes to the Code of Conduct for Social Workers in Texas

Stand with Texas Social Workers who oppose removing protections against discrimination for disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression from the Social Work Code of Conduct! #StandWithTXSocialWorkers The Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is outraged that the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners (TSBSWE) accepted language from the Governor of Texas removing protections against discrimination for disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression from the Social Work Code of Conduct.  The Governor’s office rationalizes this change by claiming that agency rules cannot be more expansive than what is in state law.  However, the TSBSWE has the explicit statutory authority to propose and adopt rules regarding: “the scope of practice of and standards of care and ethical practice for social work.”  This includes defining anti-discrimination protections under the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is the guide which serves as the foundation for the profession, and disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression should receive protected status.  Social workers already have the ability to decline to provide services to a client based on their competencies and training, but they cannot discriminate based on selective personal values.  And while removing this language does not allow a social worker to discriminate based on other state and federal statutes, especially in the area of disability, it could send the erroneous message that this is allowed.  This might deter a client from coming in for services, or cause a social worker to withhold a service they are ethically obligated to provide. From Ali Ramos, MSW "I’m a 33-year-old queer, disabled woman and I also happen to hold an MSW. I’m an advocate. I’m in the queue to be approved to become licensed as an LMSW. I live with a neuromuscular disability which highly limits the mobility in my limbs, although the only true limitation I experience is society’s ableist interpretations of who I am as a person. I also have anxiety and depression. While living in an incredibly conservative area of Texas, who am I to go to when I need treatment for my physical and mental health? Will my colleagues turn their back on me because of how I move and who I love? This is an abhorrent revision to the TSBSWE’s code of conduct and is against everything that I am as a professional and person." From Melanie "JaeHee" Chung-Sherman, LCSW-S, LCPAA, PLLC., NASW/TX Board Member (she, her, hers): "The intentional removal of protections by the TSBSWE and BHEC based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and disabilities was callous, unacceptable, and derisive. The complete lack of regard for Texans who identify within the LGBTQ+, non-binary, and disability community was exemplified by the unanimous and taciturn decision to redact the specific protective language from the SW Code of Conduct by TSBSWE and BHEC Governor Abbott's appointed regulatory board members--all of whom are also licensed social workers and mental health providers (LPCs, LMFTs, and psychologists) who not only provide treatment, supervision, administration, and social services within diverse populations, but also oversee thousands of license reviews, complaints, supervisor status, Codes of Conduct, and ethical/legal practice within the state of Texas. Social workers have a legal and ethical duty to provide equitable, accessible, and competent services to all Texans (which includes fellow clients, colleagues, students, and peers), with a particular specificity for marginalized communities who encounter historical and continuous roadblocks to fair and non-discriminatory actions such as the removal of these protections. These changes are not only in direct violation of the NASW Code of Ethics but create confusion for social workers providing services and some who rely upon the Code of Conduct to protect their service provision when employers and/or organizations refuse fair and equal treatment based on identity. The misguided initiatives also create undo identity-based stress and apprehension for clients seeking assistance due to fears of further discrimination and bias--and at the height of a global pandemic, disproportionate barriers to public health care, economic downturn, and socio-political environment that continues to intensify unpredictability and fear. On behalf of NASW-TX, as the Region 3 NASW-TX Board of Directors Representative and a proud NASW member since 2004, we are requesting the immediate reinstatement of protective language to the Social Work Code of Conduct.  #StandwithTXSocialWorkers because every Texan's life is worthy of respect, dignity, unbiased, and compassionate care that is upheld by safeguarding protections for the most vulnerable populations." From Steven Parks, LCSW, NASW/TX Board Member "Texas social workers are outraged by the Governor’s personal attack to strip away protections for the vulnerable populations we serve. The governor has erased legal protections for social workers to serve the disabled and LGBT persons.  This despicable action paves the way for conservative social service organizations of all types to deny services to vulnerable Texans (mental health services, shelter space, employment assistance, and healthcare). This is just the latest act in a tiring history of hobbling social workers in Texas. It is unacceptable. Texas Social Workers are mobilizing to restore the law that extends legal protections to be consistent with our ethical code of conduct. Please support our efforts to fight this oppression." Sign this petition to show Texas social workers that you oppose any changes to their Code of Conduct. Stand with Texas Social Workers who oppose removing protections against discrimination for disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression from the Social Work Code of Conduct! #StandWithTXSocialWorkers

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Ban Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Massachusetts

Our names are Aisha Yusuf, Hanna Stern, and Mariya Taher, and we each are pleading to the Massachusetts State Legislature to pass a law making it illegal for someone to carry out Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting/Circumcision (FGM/C) on young girls. FGM/C involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue on girls, and can cause physical harm including pain, bleeding, shock, tetanus, genital sores, and cause long-lasting psychological harm including sexual disorders, fear of sexual intimacy, nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder. Mariya - I was born in the United States and now live in Massachusetts, but at the age of seven, I was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in India. Friends and relatives of mine also living in the United States have undergone FGM/C both here in the United States or in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Australia, and many other countries in the world. Aisha- I got my circumcision when I was five. I know many women who also got it done. Personally, I know people in my community who talk about it as if it’s normal. I was aware of people practicing it behind closed doors but I also know that some people are looking for ways to keep the practice alive here in the States even though it might mean legal action is taken against them. I didn't know my home state, Massachusetts, had no laws against FGM/C until I met Mariya who works with many communities to protect girls against FGM/C. Hanna - I literally stumbled on the subject of female genital mutilation searching for a global health research topic online for a school project. I knew nothing about it and was concerned that others would find it uncomfortable and unrelatable. My teacher told me that was all the more reason to focus on FGM/C. It’s not a cultural issue; it’s not a third-world problem. FGM/C happens all over the world; it is happening in Massachusetts! Regardless of culture and tradition, and despite a lack of intent to cause injury, the end result is girls in MA are being violated and need our protection to safeguard them from FGM/C. Massachusetts is known for its progressive policies in terms of reproductive rights, anti-discrimination laws, and equality issues, yet our state still is in the minority of states that do not ban female genital mutilation or cutting. As FGM/C is nearly always carried out on minors, is a violation of the rights of children, and reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes that constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women, we must protect girls from undergoing FGM/C. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that over half a million girls and women in the United States are at risk. Massachusetts ranks 12th in the nation for at-risk populations with an estimated 14,591 women and girls.  Since 2012, the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association has over and over again tried to advocate for a state law criminalizing FGM/C. Yet, still to this day, no law has been put into place. The current bills, S.788, and H.2333, have been sent to committee for study and most likely will not move forward either. All three of us believe in the importance of education and community engagement to help create social change within communities and amongst groups where FGM/C might be happening. To that end, we each have organized and participated in community events to educate our friends and family members about the harms of FGM/C and why it should be abandoned. Yet, despite our efforts, FGM/C continues, often being touted as a religious or cultural practice that is needed to control women’s sexuality. In April 2017, a doctor in Michigan was charged with performing FGM/C on minor girls, highlighting yet again that FGM/C does affect women and girls living in the United States. The doctor claimed FGM/C was a religious requirement and that there were no harmful effects. We three believe that culture and religion should not be an excuse used to sanction harm to girls. We need a bill in Massachusetts that unequivocally reiterates that female genital mutilation/cutting is a form of violence. There are laws against domestic violence and sexual assault. We need a law against FGM/C as well. We three believe our state can do a better job of protecting girls in the Commonwealth by banning FGM/C. You can support us too by signing our petition demanding that legislators make passing a bill banning FGM/C high on their list of priorities. Let’s work together to take a stance against Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting!  ~ Aisha Yusuf, Hanna Stern, and Mariya Taher

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Giving birth alone during Covid-19

I am 40 weeks pregnant today and was exposed to Covid last week. I called my OB and he told me I had to get tested because I had an induction date in 4 days. If I did not get tested, Shelby Baptist Hospital were to treat me as if I was positive already and had it... taking away all rights... No support person and baby getting taken from me right after birth. Basically I was bullied into getting tested fearing that I would have to face child birth alone.  Even tho I have no symptoms or fever but my rapid test at AFC came back positive.  Because it is an elective inducement we are suggested to wait it out for 14 days, putting me at 42 weeks pregnant and possibly putting our unborn daughter at unnecessary risks!  The Head of Epidemiology Department at UAB said it’s useless to retest and are working to change their retest policy because the virus can come back positive for up to 3 months! So even with a “false positive” our situation would still be the same!  We are hoping for the best that our sweet Emma will hold out for two more weeks but If go into labor early I must give birth alone and our daughter will be taken from me the first 24 hours of her life to be put into isolation before she is tested. Imagine being a mother growing a child for 9 months and then them being stripped away right after they are brought into this world for 2-3 days!  There are no circumstances under which my husband can be present to support me and be present for the birth of our daughter if I go into labor early. Needless to say, I am is emotionally distraught and now physically exhausted from the news. They will not allow my husband to wear a mask and social distance in a fairly large room, even though they will be face first in the private parts of a woman with the virus. This is wrong. This sort of behavior is unacceptable. We were notified over the phone, in a very unpersonable and informal manner. I am looking for support to have this sham policy eliminated and to keep this from happening to other families. To say that somehow he is a risk to their staff while taking necessary precautions such as wearing an appropriate mask and standing more than six feet away, all while taking care of a “covid-19 patient”(myself) is inexplicably absurd. Not only that, they refuse to allow any other family member such as our parents or siblings who have not been exposed, to be present either.. The amount of emotional stress they have caused me and my family. literally right before delivery is inhumane and unacceptable. Our daughter's first days in this world will be with strangers, not her parents or grandparents! Please help my family and the other families having to deal with this crisis. Bring attention to this issue and help correct this wrong! Husbands should be able to be present and support their wives! Fathers should be present for the moment their daughters enter this wonderful world. Let's stop this nonsense early so families across our great state do not suffer needlessly from the policies of hospitals with anonymous messengers over the phone.

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