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Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Hampshire IL Mayor, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Not a reputable Breeder IT IS A PUPPY MILL (move pic up/down)

Multiple dogs in one cage, many with metal grated bottoms. Poop underneath. Poop in food. Gravity feeders with reports of food looking “moldy or old.” Reports of Mama dogs who are underweight and bred with broken legs. Dogs identified on vet records as “Yorkie 9” or “Yorkie 10”. Not to mention countless reports from previous customers who were told they were buying X breed(s) and ended up with a mutt. Who were heartbroken because their dog had behavioral and/or health issues. Reports of dogs with things like “coccidia” and even parvo. Look how thin and raggedy some of these mama dogs look! Please take note that these photos were taken when they KNEW the department of agriculture and was coming for a visit. Do you see the coloring on the water bottles? News flash - plastic dog water bottles don’t turn brown unless they spend a significant amount of time caked in dog poo. Their website that looks like these dogs come from a loving home. The inside of their house which you would be lucky to see if you insisted. What you DON’T see is the outbuildings that house up to 150 of these neglected and mistreated animals as shown in the rest of these pictures. THIS IS A PUPPY MILL. They had to shave or hide a white dog’s fur because the poo stains on the fur were so bad, they couldn’t get the brown off just to take a photo. I’ve been told that they have made serious threats to other rescues who have tried to expose them. More pics;  

Rena Felske
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