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Petition to Governor of texas, ATF, The President of the United States of America

Change and 2nd Chances Are Possible

Over 10 years ago there was a miss understanding between my loving wife and myself that lead to an arrest. I(we) planned on fighting this charge to the fullest, I even sat in jail to avoid more expenses while my wife supported our family. My wife has showed her support and love by writing an affidavit trying to get this charge dismissed and dropped but the state chose to still pick up the charge. During this process we lost our house, I lost my great job and much more but it wasn't until my wife got arrested herself for a very old unrelated issue that made me speak to lawyer and asked them to do whatever he could to get me released to take care of our son. That lead to me pled no contest to the charges of family violence in which I did not get the option of re-adjudication being my 1st and only ever offense. Since then I completed multiple self improvement, healthy relationship and family classes. I completed my mandatory probation and since then I have had NO issues/violations and have tried to be the best husband, father, employee, employer, role model and upstanding citizen I can can be. I am asking for this pardon(s) for multiple reasons: 1st: The betterment of my family life 2nd: I want to reenlist and serve my country and my family in the U.S military  3rd: My current career I am unable to accept jobs because of my history such as getting on military bases, private community jobs, schools and many more. I strongly believe with your support and signature along with your knowledge of my good character not only as a friend or family member but through all facets of life, that this pardon(s) are a fair and just request for change and a true 2nd chance in life.

Michael Jaramillo
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Petition to Baltimore County Prosecutor, Baltimore county police, Governor Larry Hogan, Congressman Ben Cardin

“Justice for Joseph Miranda”

Joseph Miranda was a loving, caring, faith filled, compassionate young man. He loved his family, friends and had so many dreams and aspirations. He was horrifically killed at the age of nineteen. On July 20th, 2006, Joseph was brutally shoved/pushed into an oncoming reversing Bobcat and crushed to death. He was a Foreman for a landscaping company at the time. The co-worker, the spotter, intentionally assaulted Joseph and killed him. The Medical Examiners studied all the facts, physics, crime scene photographs, reconstruction and evidence. They confirm Joseph’s death is a “homicide by an assault”. They know Paul Godwin killed Joseph Miranda and how. The Baltimore County Police and Prosecutor oppose the expert conclusion by the Medical Examiners and tell us that a homicide by an assault is not a crime. This is outrageous and unconscionable.   The police and prosecutor take an oath to exercise their duty, not to obstruct and violate it.  We urge that the Baltimore County Prosecutor, Scott Shellenberger, re-open Joseph Miranda’s case and process it for what it is.....A HOMICIDE BY AN ASSAULT. An arrest must be made and a trial held in a court of law. We have been fighting for justice for almost fourteen years now. Enough is Enough and Joseph’s Voice must be heard. By doing this, we will together shed a light on the extreme pattern of misconduct and make sure that no fabrication of evidence is ever accepted. Let us make the necessary CHANGE now! Thank you for signing this petition and standing up for truth, transparency and justice.                            

Adrienne Miranda
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Petition to Joseph Brusic

Justice for the Alfred Anaya Family

My name is Esperanza Anaya. On January 1st, 2021, my husband, Alfred Anaya, was taken from us by Luberto Rodriguez. On the day of the incident, Rodriguez brutally beat the mother of his child in front of their daughter, left the mother for dead and then proceeded to drive to Wapato to drop off his daughter with family. Rodriguez told his family he had killed someone and then threatened to end his own life. Rodriguez then proceeded to get on Highway 97, with his lights off, and traveled southbound in the northbound lane. Rodriguez struck my husband and I in a head on collision. Alfred was killed and I suffered life changing injuries which I am still praying I will recover from. Rodriguez prior to this incident had a history of domestic violence, destroying property and was known as controlling.  This year was Alfred and I's 50th wedding anniversary. This year Alfred was going to retire from Del Monte after 25 years. This year Alfred was going to pursue all the things he loved about life: his family, his children, his grandchildren and his music. He left behind our four children and nine grandchildren. Luberto Rodriguez took all those things away from us in a matter of seconds. Our family will never be able to celebrate those things-- all we have is his memory to cling and hold onto. I am asking you today to please not allow Luberto Rodriguez out on bail. I am fearful for my own safety. I am recovering from serious injuries. I now live alone and am scared Rodriguez may seek personal retaliation if he was to get out. I believe if he he gets out on bail, he will try to either retaliate, kill himself or flee out of the country. Rodriguez destroyed multiple lives that day and had a negative affect on hundreds of others. I am asking for your help to bring justice to Alfred's killer. To bring some peace to my family. Please sign my petition for Luberto Rodriguez to be held with no bail.       

Esperanza Anaya
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