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Petition to Shaler Area School Board

Re-open Shaler Area schools to full in person instruction.

Since March 2020, students of Shaler Area School District have only attended in-person education sessions for a 6 week period between October 12 and November 18.  With the District already being ranked at 326 in the State, a mere 12 days of hybrid instruction is extremely alarming. Most recently, we as a district were told that the remote instruction was extended yet another week due to "an abundance of caution".  However, many surrounding districts including Fox Chapel, Hampton and many Private/Catholic schools have continued in-person education with minimal interruption. Our School Board and Administrators are supposed to be the general agent of this district in Public Education.  They are failing our students, our children, and us as parents and tax payers. As a mother of two children here in the district, I have had to deal with the "incredible hardships" the administration said they are aware we are experiencing. However, I do not believe the School Board or Administration know the extent this Crisis Schooling is affecting our children. I am approaching the School Board at their next meeting and need some additional support. I want to show the members that the people, the parents, the students, the teachers, of this district want to be back in school; learning IN PERSON as an option. Please sign this petition and do not let our children fall any further behind. 

Crystal Lehmeier
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Petition to Tuskegee Alumni, Tuskegee Faculty & Staff, Tuskegee University Students, Tuskegee University Supporters

Tuskegee University Board of Trustees Is Not Meeting Its Fiduciary Responsibilities

Dear Family & Friends of Tuskegee University, OUR BELOVED ALMA MATER IS IN CRISIS!!  Tuskegee University Board of Trustees Is Not Meeting Its Fiduciary Responsibilities: Three (3) Presidents, four (4) Interim presidents within 10-years. Three (3) Interim Provosts since 2018 impacting institutional effectiveness as a result of presidential instability. No capital campaign has been successfully created to address over $100M+ of debt, with an additional $140M+ in deferred maintenance costs since President Payton’s tenure ended in 2010. They have demonstrated an unwillingness to follow the Tuskegee University Governance Document. Lack of transparency. This petition is to remove these specific Board members: Norma Clayton, Chair (non-alumna/4th-term) John Page, Immediate-Past Chair/Nominating Committee Chair/Tuskegee University Foundation Chair (non-alumnus/3rd-term) Erick Harris, '09 (2015 recent graduate appointee/2nd-term) Chereece Warner, '08 (2011 recent graduate appointee/3rd-term) As a result of this petition, we also demand for more transparency with Alumni, Students, Staff, and Tuskegee Supporters. No new Board members should be seated until these changes are made. PLEASE SIGN & SHARE NOW to begin the process of ending the crisis.

TU Alumni Awakening
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