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Petition to Western National Property Management, Michael K. Hayde, Cyndy Breit, Rex F. Delong, Laura A Khouri, Jeffrey R. Scott

Anaheim, CA- Immediate Discount on Rent for Monte Verde Apartments

With the onset of COVID-19, many thousands of workers are still on unemployment due to the closures relating to the pandemic.  Theme parks, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other destination type venues have been hit the hardest and many of us are still wondering and stressing how we are going to be able to pay rent.  As the government takes a vacation without passing another COVID Relief Bill, they leave hard working Americans depending only on unemployment and struggling to pay bills.   For three months the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments were given a 5% discount, only because our amenities were closed.  Now we are asked to pay our full amount of rent when we are making a significantly less amount of money. I am proposing that Western National Property Management give the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments a 25% discount on rent until the threat of COVID has been eradicated and we can return to work.  It is simply unAmerican to live in fear of not being able to pay rent, or buy food, or pay medical bills during a global pandemic that has been exacerbated by the inaction of our leaders.   I am calling on the following Leadership Team Members of the Western National Group to step up and help the struggling tenants of the Monte Verde Apartments: Michael K. Hayde, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Office of Western National Group.   Cyndy Breit, Senior Vice President of Western National Group.   Rex F. Delong, President of Western National Properties.   Laura A. Khouri, President of Western National Property Management.  

Jennifer Philippi
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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, California State Senate, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, Barbara Lee, Scott Peters, Jerry McNerney, Mark Takano

California Housing Crisis Covid-19. Don’t Let Renters Rights Be Abused!

Hello, we have resided in Orange County, California for many years. We are sick and tired of paying huge amounts of rent to big companies like Shea apartments and Irvine Company. We have paid over $480k to those companies in rent and we have never been late or withheld payment. During the Covid-19 pandemic these companies need to repay our loyalty. We can’t use club houses, pools or other community services, yet we are still expected to pay for those amenities within our rent. This is very unfair and high in expectancy due to the fact that many people can’t continue their jobs and are still expected to pay their rent. Many people like us are required to pay rent and mortgage when they have no way of increasing their income. It’s not clear if the pandemic is going to last a month, 2 months, or even years! What we’re offered is too little. Renters and mortgage payers need a solution not an extra burden during these hard times. Giving myself as an example, a single mom, my income is not enough for my family’s needs let alone the added Corona Virus extra costs. I asked my landlords for a discount in rent verbally, and in writing many times but they wont accept. It is just hard to understand that while there is so many people in financial, and medical distress all around the world, how it is still legal for Landlords to request overpriced rental fees. So many people who are eligible for a Stimulus Check aren’t given a cent and can’t continue working have to worry about rent, keeping good health and other necessities. People need to be more understanding of each other and helpful. Solutions to these issues include discounts or elimination of rental costs during the Corona Virus pandemic. California locals do not deserve eviction or overly priced rent to add on to their stresses. The housing, and rental fees are unacceptable, help us change that. Help each other during these times, and remember we are all in this together. God bless you, and thank you! (:

Mia S
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Petition to University Orchard, The Flatts, The Gathering, Fenzel Investments, Rodney Long Properties

Salisbury Student Housing Rent Forgiveness During COVID-19

University Orchard, The Flatts, The Gathering, Salisbury Housing, Fenzel Investments, and Rodney Long Properties are just some of the student and young professional apartment complexes serving the community of Salisbury, MD. Being that the majority of their resident bases are students with only part-time jobs, many of them no longer have any income due to the recent shelter-in-place order issued by Governor Hogan. As such, these residents do not have the means to continue to afford monthly rent payments. Most people aged 18-23 are also unable to rely on receiving any aid from the federal government's Coronoavirus stimulus package. Furthermore, the majority of residents are not even living in their apartments anymore due to all local universities moving classes online for the rest of the semester. And as for those who are still living in Salisbury, most of the amenities, facilities, and services that students are being charged for are no longer available to use. This petition is to urge Salisbury student housing complexes (along with ANY other landlord renting to university students in the area) to prioritize the needs of their residents during this worldwide pandemic by: Enacting a rent forgiveness plan until Maryland businesses have been open and operating normally for at least one month. This is to ensure that people have had enough time to work and save up for any bills. Allow residents the option to be let out of their lease early. We understand that this is not an easy decision by any means, but at a time when unemployment is on its way to be a record-high and people are worried about their and their loved ones' health, these are steps that can be taken to ease people's minds. ** If you do not live in any of the places listed on the first line of this petition, please write the name of your housing complex in the comments!! ** And remember to e-mail your properties individually!! That is the most effective way to be heard. Stay healthy, friends!

Carissa Antonis
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Petition to Arizona Governor, Arizona State Senate, Arizona State House, Doug Ducey

Demand Gov. Ducey Calls Rent/Mortgage Moratorium

Arizona can win the battle against coronavirus. The movement to #StayHome is a social and health responsibility, which will #FlattenTheCurve, save lives, and protect essential workers. The US needs a far more robust, concerted, and national response to the coronavirus pandemic to avoid the worst-case scenarios. We ask for every Arizonan to call their Mayor's offices, local representatives, and Senators to make the following demands. In order to ensure the security and safety of all Arizonans and our communities we demand Governor Ducey immediately meet the following: WE DEMAND: A moratorium on rent, mortgage, a moratorium on evictions and repossessions.  Open up vacant public housing and facilities to house unsheltered people. Provide free food for families who need it. Prioritizing those who are most at risk and who have the least access. Extension and expansion of unemployment benefits equal to 100% of wages to those affected by the crisis, including furloughed workers and those with reduced work hours for the duration of the national emergency, including undocumented immigrant workers. Supplemental pay for  those essential workers on the front lines: such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, medical techs, administrative support staff, grocery store workers, delivery workers, truck drivers, mail carriers, fire, EMS—and anyone deemed essential who cannot work from home. A moratorium on all utility shut-offs. Emergency extension of free health care, including coronavirus testing and treatment for all, including undocumented immigrants. Every Workplace needs to develop a safety and health plan to protect all workers with the involvement of workers and unions. Employers shall have a written program and implement effective controls to protect workers from the hazards of infectious diseases. Sponsors Include: Black Phoenix Organizing Collective Communist Party USA Phoenix Communist Party USA Tucson Democratic Socialists of America Phoenix Young Democratic Socialists of America ASU Jobs With Justice Tucson  Students for Justice in Palestine ASU Chapter Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro Refugee Aid Mecha de ASU Salt of the Earth Labor College Students for Socialism ASU Rose Coalition

Cancel Rent Arizona
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